Choose our unlimited class membership option to diversify your training and have fun with your workouts. Our classes are for members of any athletic ability and our trainers are more than willing to make accommodations to ensure a class will work for you. Each class is capped at 12 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. All classes are first-come, first-served and are reserved using Triib. Wait-list options are available. If you miss a class, the programming is available to you on the app at all times and our trainers are happy to provide personalized pointers.


Prepare yourself for heavy breathing & a lot of sweat! Accelerate will get your heart rate up and take your endurance to the next level. This class utilizes interval-style training through the use of free weights & cardio equipment.

Tuesday, Thursday @ 5:30am, 6:30am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Saturday @ 8am & 9am



Want to add some numbers to your squat? Learn how to deadlift? Bench press twice your body weight? Then this is the class for you! Brute will not only teach you how to properly perform the three main lifts, we can guarantee you’ll be increasing your lifting capacity as well. This class will follow meticulously molded programming that utilizes specialty bars, bands and chains to ensure avoidance of adaptation and plateaus.

Monday, Wednesday @ 5:30pm & 6:30pm

Friday @ 5:30pm

Saturday @ 10am & 11am



Sometimes you just want it all. With our hybrid classes, you can have it all! This class encompasses a combination of strength & endurance that will have you training like never before. Intensity is the name of the game and hybrid will make sure you leave all you’ve got on the gym floor!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 5:30am & 6:30am



*NEW CLASS! This class will begin on Tuesday August 13th!*

During this class, you will be guided through a series of postures to the rhythm of your breath. Most classes will begin with a few moments to connect your mind, body and breath before starting to flow. You can expect to stretch and engage all parts of your body before allowing yourself to come to rest in savasana (final resting pose/corpse pose). This class is meant to be accessible for all fitness levels and abilities.

Some mats will be provided but please consider bringing your own if you have one. Yoga blocks and other equipment will be provided.

Tuesday @ 7:30pm